Who is Official Shannon?!

Official Shannon is an English independent female singer/songwriter and music artist from Chingford, East London whose soulful tones and empowering lyrics capture all things honest and heartfelt. Official Shannon creates and shares confronting original songs through cleverly crafted alt-pop production as well as acoustic and live band performances. She has incredible infectious energy on stage as well as in the recording studio and collaborates creatively with producers for her original music.

Official Shannon has been performing for over a decade and has a very theatrical background. She grew up training to be a theatre performer at prestigious institutions such as The BRIT School and The University of Chichester Conservatoire but during the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic, Official Shannon turned her focus to creating and recording her own original music from home. Since the return of live music, she has already put on a countless amount of shows touring the London circuit and formed an incredible live soul band that occasionally supports her at bigger shows. After many air plays and an exclusive live session and interview for the BBC, she had finished her first year of music releases by being picked as one of The Best Live Sessions for BBC Introducing in Essex alongside Dodie and Sam Ryder.

Official Shannon has been constantly on the rise for the past few years. Recognised many times by BBC Music Introducing and specialized press as well as performing at half time for The London Pulse Netball team at The Copperbox Arena, London and long-listing as an emerging artist at Glastonbury Festival, her powerful, evocative and dynamic vocals have made sure she could build an artist name that calls for respect and admiration. 

In 2021, Shannon founded and curated a London live music event series called "Under The Radar" @undertheradarldn to showcase independent women in music and female creatives in London. This continues to run with events scheduled throughout 2024 including a brand new festival Shannon has organised in collaboration with The Matchtstick Project called Matchstick Festival 2024 which will persue the UK's first outdoor 95% female line-up on it's bill.

Official Shannon aims to promote authenticity, and self belief through her music, so others can feel enabled to pursue their passions and feel empowered to be themselves. On her engrossing and powerful new single ‘Never Felt That’, UK artist Official Shannon continues to showcase her powerful vocals and immersive songwriting, singling herself as the special talent and uniquely captivating artist that so many people have her penned as. 

Quotes about original music

"On her engrossing and powerful new single ‘Never Felt That’, UK artist Official Shannon continues to showcase her powerful vocals and immersive songwriting, singling herself as the special talent and uniquely captivating artist that so many people have her penned as. The track has an emotional and searching tone to it throughout, laid-back in its tone but with a rising sense of atmospheric tension that builds and swells throughout, owing a lot to the show-stopping capabilities of the artist’s incredible vocals. If you need a cry or a chance to reflect on a situation and need something to resonate with then this track offers a tonne of heart and emotion throughout, packed full of relatable charm and Official Shannon’s all-encompassing, charismatic presence." By Kieran Rogers, CLOUT

"Never Felt That’ is a heartfelt track with emotional lyrics that are given life by the beautiful and stirring vocals of Official Shannon. The verses of the song flow perfectly alongside the wonderful instrumental melodies and the harmonies are simply outstanding." By Boulent Mustafa, MUSIC CROWNS

"Official Shannon is a London-based alternative pop artist who has caught my attention through her empowering new anthem. It’s called Dress To Please. In Dress To Please, pop merges with funk and soul to create something that feels both classic and modern. Shannon’s vocals are the star of the show – passionate, powerful and charismatic. The lyrical message is a simple but important one: dress how you want and don’t worry about the comments, cat-calling and harassment it might provoke. We can all take note. Shannon has been releasing music since 2020 and very early on caught the attention of BBC Radio Essex. It’s easy to see why with such strong song-writing and assured performance skills. She’s one to watch." By Graeme Smith, York Calling

"Official Shannon has never shied away from telling the truth. Her eagerly-anticipated new single, Dress To Please, is out now and addresses some of the most serious issues women face on a daily basis: cat-calling, sexual harassment, and unnecessary vulgar comments. By speaking out against these issues in such a public way, Shannon is helping to raise awareness and start the conversation about how we can make things better for women everywhere. We applaud her for using her voice to make a difference and encourage others to listen to her song and join the fight against unacceptable behavior." By Louis, Founder of Lefuturewave

"The lyrics advocate for self-care while the instrumentals strip the weight from your shoulders with the blissful tones and compassionate melodies" - A&R Factory

"Make its sound effortless! Shannon displays a rollercoaster of her vocal range. She can really put energy into a performance but tone it back aswell to give an endearing feel to her latest record" - Jake Peach, BBC Music Introducing in Essex.

Under The Radar London. est 2021

Official Shannon started off 2022 having organised and founded her first ever live music event series 'Under The Radar London' which aims to showcase undiscovered UK female artists in the music industry in London. 

Since then Under The Radar London has amassed over 4000 followers on social media, connected hundred of female identifying and non binary creatives within the music industry and proudly curates and presents Matchstick Festival each year in Sevenoaks, Kent. 

Official Shannon and her team look forward to putting on further events, creating more opportunities for female creatives to shine! 

You can find more information about Under The Radar London here: https://www.instagram.com/undertheradarldn

Tickets for Matchstick Festival 2024: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/matchstick-festival-tickets-803290362097

You can keep up to date with Shannon's incredible music journey on Shannon's website: www.officialshannon.com or the social media handle @officialshannonuk